• How to Optimize Service Operations

    Many service companies are struggling with very poor time registration and billing processes. I am always surprised when I hire someone to do a service job and it takes the company weeks and sometimes months to send me the invoice for the services rendered. My first thought is always that they must have enough cash flow to essentially finance my invoice for all the time it takes them to send it to me.

  • 7 Critical Project Management Processes You Should Follow for Project Success

    We often get a lot of questions from customers when we include project management for our projects. They usually ask us “Is it necessary? Why do I need it?” and we find that most customers think project management is “just emails and a little bit of change control”. But actually, there is much more to [...]

  • Accounting: Cash Basis or Accrual Basis? Both?

    Cash Basis and Accrual Basis differ in the manner in which they deal with the issue of when to recognize revenues and expenses.  The Cash Basis focus is, as its name implies, on the flow of cash. That is to say, whenever cash is collected, revenue is recognized as having been earned. A similar basis [...]

  • How to Manage Your Warehouse Wisely?

    Running a warehouse can be quite overwhelming. A lot of the time smaller warehouses are run completely manually, where everyone just knows where everything is. But when a warehouse reaches a certain size you need technology to help you getting complete visibility into every corner of the warehouse. The technology is called Warehouse Management Systems [...]

  • Applying Demand Forecasting and Planning in Supply Chain Management

    I wrote the other day about the need to be lean and agile to optimize operation and to be able to react to potential problems ahead of time. In order to be lean and agile you have to be able to plan and forecast your demand. If you have no idea what your demand will [...]

  • Supply Chain Management for Manufacturing Companies- Be Lean or Agile?

    When working with manufacturing companies I have noticed that they all crave tools and techniques with these capabilities: Ability to track and manage all supply chain activities in real time. Being able to analyze the potential impact of unplanned events Collaborate with customers and suppliers, planning and executing processes Tweet